Media Pass

Interested in becoming a Media Pass holder to Beyond the Gates this Halloween season? 

Request a Media Pass, using the request sample format below and the "Contact" tab, for a chance to gain FREE access to our attraction! Local newspapers, radio stations, podcasts, haunted house sites, college and high school journalism clubs, etc. are encouraged to apply!

We only allow a limited amount of media to our events and will make selections based on a first come, first serve basis with attention to the professionalism of the applicant.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to scaring you!

Beyond the Gates 


Request Sample Format:


DATE: (current)

TO: Beyond The Gates Media Accreditation

[Media Organization name] would like to request a temporary media accreditation for the following media personnel to cover the upcoming Halloween Season:

NAMES and ROLES of all applying media members 

Also include: 

- Information about the media, including reach: Print circulation, radio/television audience, social media followers/likes, and/or statistical number of hits for websites.
- At least one link to a recent story, podcast, video, review, photography gallery, etc.


Name, Title, Contact Information, and Media Pass Shipping Address