What if I get scared and accidentally punch an actor?

Before entering Beyond The Gates, please mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to experience. We will be testing your senses and intend to scare you. Although accidents may happen, we have a no tolerance policy with touching. Our staff will not touch you and we ask that you do not touch our staff. Security will be present and we will do all that is possible to ensure the safety of our hardworking volunteers, staff, and guests.

Can children come?

Though it is up to the parent’s discretion, we do not recommend children under 12 for the houses. Tickets will not be refunded for early exits. Paintball fields are 12+ ONLY with parent or guardian's signature on a waiver.

Are there clowns?

Nothing about our haunt is funny. Hehe. But our paintball fields will be clown-free.

Can we dress up?

Although we love dressing up as much as the next monster, only actors are allowed to wear costumes to Beyond the Gates for safety and security reasons.

Speaking of dressing, how should we dress?

We recommend tennis shoes and outdoor wear. We are an outdoor attraction. We’d hate for you to trip over a flip flop while running out screaming. **There is, though, a no open toed shoe policy in the paintball fields for your own safety**

Do you offer Group Rates?

Yes! Groups of 15 or more are eligible for a 10% discount if tickets are purchased in advance online. Group Discounts cannot be applied at the ticket booth.

How can we get Media Passes?

We have a section completely dedicated to receiving FREE Media Passes! Click on the link on the bottom right hand side of our website. Following the directions, easily email your request by clicking on the "Contact" tab, next to the "Media Pass" link.